In 2005, Red 3 Enterprises was formed to design, develop, and support a unique Ecommerce B2B and B2B2C business model. Part service, part software-as-a-service, we connected millions of customers with small brick & mortar retailers and mail-order businesses over the internet for the first time.

By 2012 we built the operational and technical foundation needed to focus on our mission statement head-on. We began designing a better future for our children and their children, developing, producing, and managing guerrilla educational products that make learning fun: Books, Apps, Widgets, Games, and More.

Red 3 Enterprises leverages a broad array of cross-platform technologies to connect small businesses and individuals with unique educational vision to people around the world through ecommerce, content sites, apps, and hundreds of other channels. We provide management and consulting services to handle everything from advertising and monetization to distribution and account management.

Progress builds on education, and we make exceptional bricks.